Aerial view of LaGuardia Airport Construction

LaGuardia Airport construction aerial photo

As most of us know, the construction project at New York’s LaGuardia Airport is causing major headaches for travelers. This aerial photo shows where Parking Garage P2 once stood inside the oval shaped roadway in front of Terminal B. Overhead aerial photos help construction crews plan and evaluate construction progress. I took this aerial photo from one mile above the airport and it shows just how large the scope of work is.

Anthony Noto, a reporter for the New York Business Journal gives travelers some tips on how to reduce the stress of flying in and out of LaGuardia during this construction project. One of the biggest tips is to plan flights outside the airport’s most congested times. Noto writes,  “The busiest times at the airport are from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. And the busiest days are Monday, Thursday and Friday.” Check out the full article in the link below.

Vincent Vuoto

Winter aerial photography

The winter provides some great opportunities for aerial photographers. Clear winter days are void of the haze and low visibility you see in the summer. If photographing real estate, more of the property is visible with the lack of foliage. Comparison shots are eye catching too. Photograph the same location in the winter and summer. Notice the differences and variations by putting the photos side by side. Great for marketing and capturing the beauty both seasons can offer.

Flying our airplane in the winter gives us unique views of Long Island. The photo above (of Westhampton Beach) was taken shortly after a snowstorm. The bay on the right is frozen over, as the blue sky reflects off the ocean to contrast the snowy landscape.