Best Aerial Photo's Pricing

How much do aerial photos cost? – Think it’ll cost a fortune? Think again. The amount we charge depends on the location and nature of the job. Local photo flights (Nassau County & Western-Central Suffolk County) will generally range from $425-$625.

Below are a few cost examples, based on recent aerial photo flights:

Real Estate Photography

A real estate agent needed aerial photos of one of his listings in Sands Point, NY on the north shore of Long Island. The cost was $450. He received 20 aerial photos 2 hours after the photo flight.

Architecture Photos

An architect needed 3 homes photographed in Oyster Bay. The cost was $870, which is $290 per home.

Solar Building Photography

A solar company needed 5 of their locations photographed across Long Island from Brooklyn to Calverton. The cost was $1,400, which was $280 per location.

Engineer Photography

An engineering firm needed aerial photos of 20 of their projects spread out across New Jersey and the NYC Metro area. The cost was $4,000, which is $200 per location.


We offer multi-site discounts, which is a great way to save time and money. When you have multiple locations photographed in one flight, you will pay less for each location, since we’re already in the air. This applies to ALL photo flights.

This example shows the cost of photographing multiple locations on one flight vs. the cost of having each location photographed on separate flights.

Multi-site shoot <——-vs——-> Separate shoots
Home #1 $330 Home #1 $475
Home #2 $330 Home #2 $475
Home #3 $330 Home #3 $475
Total $990* Total $1,425

(Savings $435*)

*The above prices, while accurate, do not guarantee the same pricing for every estimate. Each job is different and we will personally consult with each customer to provide an accurate estimate.

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